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This is a sampling of our solid brass fixtures that offer the crisp white light of halogen lamps and operate on line voltage. They feature beautiful European glass in a variety of colors including opal white, alabaster and Venetian milleflori. Finishes include chrome, brass, satin nickel and bronze.

Baci’s energy-efficient Cristallina defogger adheres to the back of nearly any mirror – gently warming the glass and preventing condensation from fogging your view.


LIGHT, PAPER-THIN AND EASY. At just 0.4mm thick, the self-adhesive ClearView pad is simple to install – just apply to the back of your mirror, connect the power, and enjoy a fog-free morning routine.


CLEARLY INNOVATIVE. Unique mounting system provides effective heat transfer for uniform clarity and maximum energy savings.


WORKS ANYWHERE. Available in three standard sizes (12”x12”, 18”x26” and 24”x32”) or can be custom sized to your specifications. Works beautifully in stand-alone or hard-wired applications.


SAFE TO USE. Manufactured in accordance with the most stringent international standards, and UL Listed for use in damp environments.


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